Christmas/the Light 12/18/05 to 01/15/06


the birth of Christ    DIscussion about same, then acted out the story with a simple cresh scene.


Christmas Trees    DIscussion about solstice trees, Egyptian palms, Saturnalia, early Christian replacement of Celtic and Germanic traditions, the forest brought indoors.  Various internet sources such as Wikipedia.

Christmas/the Light Unit (five weeks -  Dec 18, 25, Jan 1, 8, 15)

With an emphasis on the birth of Jesus Christ along with Christian and Quaker ideas of the Light.  The discussion about teaching Christianity in 1st day School is beginning to widen with plans to send written positions to CSL Committee.  Should we have consensus by December we will balance the Christian and Quaker parts of the unit.  If not, we will concentrate on various aspects of the Light (that of God/the Light within each of us, light in the dark of winter, etc.).  Related material has been covered in the past by Brynnen and Michael, and we should build upon that work.