Money and Giving 5/4/08 to 5/25/08

(4 May)  Getting and Giving   Diane & Charlene

Explain what we’re going to do over the next weeks and talk about where the meeting’s money comes from (pledges) and what we do with it.

  • Proposition – Give $400 away

Stack of Cash

  • SS Meeting Income (Pledges) and Spending

Guessing Game with Pie Chart cards

Monopoly money pinned up


Report from FirstDaySchool: Bring in and show our Pie Chart

(11 May)  God’s Wallet, Part 1 Larry & Charlene



  • How does $$$ shape community?

We all have similar resources, have and do the same kinds of things.  Examples:

If we were all poor subsistence farmers, we would not live in cities.  We do not have to grow our own food, make our own clothes.

Since we are wealthy we can have larger communities, travel to see our families, have a worldwide community.


We don’t know many poor people. Why not? We don’t see how it is to live in poverty first hand.

Book People like Us


  • Does money make life simple / more complicated?
  • What would it be like to use no money for a day. (Orthodox Jews) do not touch money on the Sabbath : WHY?

Book Animal Fables


  • Does money keep us from being equal?  What are some outward signs of wealth or poverty.  How do we react to them?  Example: How is the wealth of the US President represented in Air Force One?
  • Inner Value (worth) vs. Outside Value (Net Worth)
  • What am I worth to God, to my family, to my classmates?

Wallets with Qualities


Report from FirstDaySchool: report on the three testimonies related to money that we discussed

(18 May) God’s Wallet, Part 2 LuAnn & Mark

God and money

  • That of God in Each of Us >> How could God work through us with money?
  • Hands On Work vs. Money Giving :: Helping other people do Hands On Work with money
  • Power of Gifting: How does it feel to give away money?  How do recipients feel?

Air Hose & Ball

non profit volunteer from meeting


Report from FirstDaySchool: Bring in Air hose & ball

(25 May)   Christmas in Reverse / Who’s out there? Charlene


With targeted and researched sites, do a web search for different organizations on the internet and print out sites of interest.

Children should each select one or several favorites to take home and read.

  • Heifer Foundation
  • World Wildlife Fund /Environmental Defense Fund
  • Micro loans in India (Nobel prize)
  • Water for Life (Sam)
  • Seattle Childrens Hospital
  • United way targeted giving for homeless shelters
  • Food bank
  • Vaccination programs
  • Mosquito nets against malaria
  • Warrior magazines


Report from FirstDaySchool: Tell the meeting which organizations we researched

 (1 June)   What works for Me?  LuAnn & Charlene

What is my leading? What would God like me to do with the money?

Each child presents what they think is the best way to spend the money, illustrated with a collage of the work envisioned.

Collages of different types of humanitarian work, organizations


Report from FirstDaySchool: individual collages

(8 June)   What works for Us? John & Mark

What is our leading? What would God like us to do with the money?

Using as a focus the individual choices presented before, do a Quaker worship sharing process focused on collages in the middle of the circle.  Attempt to come to unity, find the sense of the Meeting.

Option to donate to more than one organization if that is the sense.


Report from FirstDaySchool: Tell the meeting what we did but DON’T tell them what we decided.  It’s a secret until next week


(15 June)   The Money Show John & Charlene & Mark

Prepare to present the process and the proposed choices.


Report from FirstDaySchool: Make Proposal and get approval of the meeting


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