Team Building 09/04/05 to 10/02/05

Team Building Unit (five weeks - Sept 4, 11, 18, 26, Oct 2)

We chose 10 games from either Tiffany’s Win Win, or Julie’s Adventures in Peacemaking, so that teachers for the first unit will have a choice of two per week.  The first week Sept 4 will need to be partly devoted to a gathering of teachers to have the class routine and curriculum explained and to fill out the year’s schedule.  They can all play a team building game for large groups that day.  Another project that should happen in this unit is journal making, see below.  We also would like to propose making nametags for the meeting as another project.


We all agreed that building journals would be a fun way for children to record their thoughts and progress through 1st Day School.  We will provide simple blank journals for each child  to be kept at the Senior Center, and used for free time drawing or lesson related drawings and writings.  Children can decorate their covers to start.  They could be kept for more than a year.


Tiffany proposed and we all agreed that consistent use of music would be well received, easy to integrate into various lessons and would make use of some adult talents as well.  She is willing to make one or more CD’s  to help teachers who don’t feel comfortable leading songs, and recommended that those that were could bring instruments or work from song books like Rise Up Singing and the Quaker Hymnal.  She/we will try to find songs that match the main lesson.  Pictures about songs could be part of journal work.

 We were of two minds about when to sing.  Music could be a transition to settling time at the end of class or as a beginning activity that Children can filter into.  As such it might encourage families with children to arrive on time.  This should be decided before the teaching season starts.