Faith in Action

The Faith in Action committee works to integrate peace-and-social-concerns activities and
awareness into the life of the Meeting as a whole. We seek for our work to be spiritually-
led, carrying out the Quaker practice of peace witness by opposing war, violence, and
injustice in favor of fair treatment for all people, alleviating suffering, and supporting
the ecological integrity of our planet. Our scope includes peace in all domains, from the
neighborhood to the world.

Duties of Faith in Action include:
- Bring to the Meeting issues and events of concern, minutes for seasoning and/or
approval, and other noteworthy items related to Quaker faith, peace, and social justice.
- Bear witness to issues of concern and of appreciation regarding peace and social
- Help identify issues and activities that the Meeting's children can engage with, related
to peace and social justice.
- Sponsor peace activities for our Meeting community to participate in, as a single group
and in community with other groups.
- Provide opportunities for education on Quaker-related issues of peace and social
- Inform the Meeting about community events related to Quaker values and peace or
social justice.
- Stay current on the events and activities of the larger Quaker peace organizations
(FCNL, AFSC, FCWPP, Quaker Earthcare Witness, the Quaker U.N. Office, etc.).
- Act as liaison to the Pacific Northwest Yearly Meeting's Peace and Social Concerns
- Make recommendations for the Meeting's corporate giving as it relates to peace and
social concerns.
- Build connections with other faith and community groups in the neighborhood, as
well as other local Quaker groups, that are working on similar issues of peace of social

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