Job Descriptions

Detailed instructions will be provided to attenders who sign up for these jobs or request the instructions.

Job #1 Open, Set-Up, Welcome, Close Worship, Lead Announcements

Get the keys and unlock the building.

Set up chairs and tri-fold bulletin board.

Put out literature, name tags, and donation box.

Begin welcoming people at the front door at 10:45 as they arrive. Answer newcomers' questions.

At 11:10, lock the front door and put up the sign for latecomers to enter around back.

Close Meeting for Worship with a handshake at noon.

Lead announcements.

Job #2 Refreshments, Clean-up, and Close the Building

Bring a snack for the kids and grown-ups.

Set out the snack during announcements.

Help kids as needed with snack.

Re-stack chairs and put away bulletin board, literature, and other materials.

Clean up excessive messes and take cups and silverware home to wash.

Lock building.