Job Descriptions

South Seattle Friends Meeting always needs volunteers to keep Meeting for Worship running smoothly.

South Seattle Friends has no fixed clergy and relies on volunteers for the smooth running of meeting. For the smooth running of our Sunday Meeting for Worship, volunteers are required to do a variety of tasks. These are divided up into three categories: 

Job #1: Open CASC, set up, greet attenders at front door

Job #2: Tidy up, put away chairs, close the building

Job #3: Set up the Big Screen and Zoom equipment so that virtual attenders can join the in-person meeting for worship.

To serve meeting by performing these jobs, sign up via email (the Arrangements committee sends out a sign up calendar if you are on the email list, or contact the Arrangements Committee clerk ). When you sign up you will be provided with detailed instructions for the job you have agreed to do. And you can always ask questions of anyone on the Arrangements committee - they will be glad to assist you in undertstanding what you have to do. Contact the Arrangements Committee Clerk here.