Children's Programs

Children are an important part of our meeting

SSFM offers weekly Child Care for young children and First Day School on alternate Sundays for teens. SSFM policy is to always have two caregivers in the room whenever children are present.

CHILD CARE PROGRAM: SSFM offers Child Care every Sunday during Meeting for Worship for preschool and elementary school children, when it is requested in advance. So that we can arrange caregivers for your child/children, please email the Clerk of Meeting (below) as soon as you know that you would like to attend Meeting for Worship, preferably by the Wednesday before the Sunday that you would like to attend. We look forward to greeting and caring for your young children while you attend Meeting. You are welcome to stay with your child/children until they are comfortable with the caregivers. For the last ten minutes of their sessions, the group joins the adults in Meeting for Worship.

FIRST DAY SCHOOL PROGRAM: Post covid, SSFM started an in-person First Day School program for the middle and high school children. The group meets twice a month for a half hour during Meeting for Worship. They discuss important ethical and moral questions that touch on the Quaker testimonies. For the last half of their sessions, the group joins the adults in Meeting for Worship.

For more information about either of these programs, to request Child Care for an upcoming Sunday, and/or to learn if First Day School is offered on a particular Sunday, please contact the Clerk of Meeting