First Day School

Childcare (infants – kindergarten age)

  • For children not yet ready for a structured classroom environment

  • Supervised by one or more adult volunteers and one or more teenage helpers

  • Activities include story time, drawing, playing with toys, brief circle time

  • Occasional introduction to religious themes via songs and stories

  • Focused on building friendships and a loving community with other children and adult/teen caregivers.

First Day School (elementary-school age)

  • Grade-school-aged and older are welcome

  • Instruction in basic Quaker values and theology by a dedicated teacher and one or more adult volunteers

  • Welcoming space for kids to develop and explore their own spirituality, while learning about traditions and values from Quakerism’s Judeo-Christian history and those of other faith traditions

  • Activities include group discussion, writing/drawing on a given theme, art projects, community involvement.

  • During the summer, the children’s programs are merged into a single supervised free-play time.

Central Friends (5th–8th grade)

  • Learn about and engage in Quaker worship and process: worship sharing, clearness processes, business meetings, fun activities.

Above photo credit: Adrienne Pasta

Junior Friends (high-school age)

  • Meet once a month with peers from other Meetings in our area for discussion, service, fun.