Committees & Positions

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Arrangements Committee takes care of the Meeting's logistics. We communicate with the Central Area Senior Center, our landlord. We recruit, train and schedule volunteers to open, set up, greet and close worship, as well as bring refreshments, clean up and lock the building each First Day. We arrange rides for attenders and maintain the directory and the email list.

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Community Spiritual Life

Community Spiritual Life Committee cares for the members of Meeting and for the quality of our worship. We act on requests for care and clearness committees, including marriage and membership. We also sponsor adult religious education, the annual retreat, and the meeting for remembering. Finally, we act on requests for funds for attending Friends’ gatherings, for following a leading, and for emergency financial aid.

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Education Committee runs the religious education programs for kids in our Meeting from infant to about age thirteen. We buy and maintain art materials and toys, research and teach various Quaker-based curricula and recruit, train and schedule teachers and volunteers.

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Finance Committee works with our Treasurer to oversee the business side of SSFM—managing reserve funds, paying expenses and facilitating our corporate giving.

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Faith In Action Committee finds ways in which we can act on the peace and justice testimonies of Friends. Recent examples include sending post cards to legislators on gun violence, institutional racism, and the Keystone pipeline, and thinking about how we get to Meeting in the context of global warming. We are working on a poster for SSFM and a banner for us and other area Meetings to use during marches.

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Nominating Committee fills the slate of officers and committees needed for our Meeting to function, trying to fit the needs of SSFM with the wishes and abilities of our members and attenders to serve.

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